Getting to know chronic pain patients

Our mission is to improve the life of people suffering from chronic pain in Europe. For this, we firstly need to know these people, their needs and then define how we can address these in our future projects and activities.shutterstock_116384470

The first step in this respect was to get to know them.

Pain Alliance Europe consults regularly its members and its members’ members via survey campaigns meant to find out where the challenges are and how they evolve, noticing the differences between different health management systems at national levels and adapting every time the questions and the target according to the feedback thus received.

Should you have any suggestion or ideas on how a chronic pain patient life can be improved, please write to us. Pain Alliance Europe’s mission is to make the patients’ voice heard, and this is exactly what we will do, sharing your ideas with the ones who can help making them work.

Consult this page regularly for updates on the upcoming surveys and how you can contribute.