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Red Española de FM, SFC, SQM

On the February 18th, in A Coruña – Galicia-Spain, the Spanish PAE Member Red Española de FM, SFC, SQM will organise an event on the subject of Mindfulness as a tool for coping with chronic pain.mindfulness-red-espagnola

The objective of the conference will be to convey to those present what this tool consists of and how with the practice of it we can get to get the connection mind body so important for the approach and coping of chronic pain.

The event will be moderated and presented by Dr.Viso. Medical Doctor at Hospital San Rafael (A Coruña) and collaborator of Radio Voz radio show “Voces”, who will introduce the guest speaker, Mr. Andrés Gonzalo Íñiguez, Clinical Psicologist.

Mr. Andrés Gonzalo Íñiguez Díaz is sharing already some ideas of what is going to be presented and discussed, here below.

What is mindfulness?

The miracle of mindfulness comes from Vietnamese master Thich Nhat Hanh. This man has been the first master of mindfulness in Europe. The concept of mindfulness or mindfulness originated around the year 2500 BC in the sutras (aphorisms of Hindu and Buddhist traditions).

Mindfulness consists in being fully aware of what happens in the present moment, without prejudice of any kind, or of judging, is something that can be carried out in any situation. It is a breeding ground for the consciousness of the mind and body to learn to live in the here and now. It is a tool that everyone can benefit from it. At present, mindfullnes has already spread in the paradigm of psychology and with time and practice good results are obtained in people who suffer from some physical ailment or some psychic discomfort such as stress, anxiety or depression.

This approach is especially aimed at sensory information and the world in general that surrounds us, offers us a greater understanding of the mental molds (Hernández-Guanir, 2002) or cognitive emotional affective architecture that in case the person carries implicit some maladaptive mold As can be the anticipation aversiva always leads to be in a threatening future. Through mindfullnes it is possible to travel to the present, the only real time existing in the life of the human being. As an example, a person who aversively anticipates that the pain will re-occur in his life is experiencing an important emotional discomfort that prevents him from having a subjective well-being and an optimal quality of life due to cognitively processing an irrational thinking and a Emotion such as anxiety, produced by the catastrophic anticipations and, in case the pain is present this is aggravated. It is extremely important to mention that negative thoughts and maladaptive emotions affect the human being and the biopsychosocial model negatively.




LRG News

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The Galician Rheumatology League (LRG)


liga galega-xmas-toast

In December 2016 we celebrated a Xmas “solidary toast” with members of our League. Hereby a picture of the one in A Coruña


During the act in Coruña we officially started a campaign during which we will sell for 5 euros chocolates with bone shape “for your bones” (sold on http://por-tus-huesos.webnode.es/)

These products finance the health programs of our entity, like: psychological care, occupational therapy and information campaigns throughout Galicia.



Our League was invited for several interviews on television, radio and newspapers, to talk about our activities, about rheumatological and musculoskeletal illnesses and their impact in society.



In January 2 members participated in Budapest in a 2days workshop about biologicals and biosimilars – new pharmacological treatments. This activity was organized by the Agora Platform of Organizations for people with RMDs from the South of Europe. We will organize a workshop about this important item for people living in our country.


In Santiago de Compostela, the capital of our autonomous region, we had a stand during 2 days where we informed about RMDs. The success amongst the audience was so overwhelming, that the local authorities proposed us to open a Delegation in this city.

Taking account of the growing prevalence of RMDs in children, we developed for February a workshop “little superheroes” for parents and children affected by these illnesses.

In February we will assist in Lisbon, Portugal at the Annual Conference of PARE, patients Department of EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism.


“Kipu liikuttaa (Pain moves us)”

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The Finnish Pain Association


Suomen Kipu ry (Finnish Pain Association)

In 2017, the Finnish Pain Association will celebrate its 25th year with the theme “Kipu liikuttaa (Pain moves us)”. Various local events around Finland as well as a photography and a writing competition are being organized based on this theme. This celebration will culminate at the Gala Event on October 19th.

The celebration year coincides with the Finnish municipal elections which offer a chance to highlight our objectives. Health, social services and regional government reforms transform our field but the actual changes remain to be seen as the proposed legislation is at the moment waiting for comments from interested groups. The Finnish Pain Association will also give its comments with the help of feedback from our members.

Pain Challenge Campaign

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Finnish Pain Association


The Finnish Pain Association’s Pain Challenge Campaign for the year 2016 expired at the end of the year. We challenged Finnish emergency clinics to take better account of the treatment plans of chronic pain patients in need of emergency care. There have been complications with patients not receiving their prescribed pain medication during hospital stays. In the worst cases they have had to arrange for their families or friends to bring their own medication from home to the hospital. The campaign has gained attention and central hospitals in Oulu and Päijänne-Tavastia have checked their operating models.


Sine Dolore World Park

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Sine Dolore Association

The Sine Dolore Association proudly presents Sine Dolore World Park, an unprecendeted event resuming a couple of days  of cultural, entertaining, scientific and social activities which will mobilize the whole island between the 4-7 May 2017. SineDoloreWorldPark

In order to make the suffering of so many people more noticeable at all levels, Menorca becomes once a year and for a few days Sine Dolore World Park, a great theme park against pain and the unique quality of life in the world. The inhabitants of the island will try to demonstrate the saying “nobody comes to Menorca just once” introducing their island not only by its beauty but also as a solidary, sustainable, healthy space of quality and well-being of the XXI century, where the study, analysis and treatment of pain are promoted together with social, educational and scientific initiatives .

Find more information about this event HERE.

‘Helper of the year’ award

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Finnish Pain Association

article finnish painHeikki Päivike, chairman of the Finnish Patient and Social Assistance Association, received the award for the Finnish Pain Association’s annual ‘Helper of the Year’ on October 21st at the I Love Me exhibition. Heikki offers counseling in situations where patients encounter problems with healthcare and social services. This award has been given annually since 2003. Members of the Finnish Pain Association participate by nominating the candidates and voting to choose the recipient. The Award is supported by Tempur Suomi Oy.

Back Pain Show Speaker line-up Grows

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The National Backpain Association – Backcare

backPainshow-imgThe National Backpain Association – Backcare – has announced a number of new speakers for their Back Pain Show on 19 & 20 May at St Andrews Stadium, Birmingham.

Gavin Bradley is founder and managing director of Active Working®, which operates “Get Standing®” campaigns in Great Britain, Australia, USA and Canada to drive awareness and interest in the health risks connected with sedentary working of office workers.

As the major international thought leader and pioneer, Gavin commissioned the first global expert recommendations on standing / light activity time for office workers (with support from Public Health England) published by the British Journal for Sports Medicine in June 2015.  These guidelines serve as a benchmark and continue to receive mass media interest globally.

He will be addressing the show’s audience at presentations on both days as will Daniel Lawrence –  a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 10 years’ experience treating back pain in private practice. Daniel has authored articles and lectured internationally on physio related topics. He currently leads the education team for RockTape in the UK and has been invited to many professional and public conferences.

Daniel will demonstrate how to apply tape for common back pain in a simple and easy to follow way enabling his audience to try the technique for themselves and have an understanding of when to use it and how it can help.

Gavin and Daniel join chartered physiotherapist David Rogers whose presentation at the show was announced last month. David will be holding a number of surgeries at the show as well as making two presentations.

On the second day of the show Professor Jeremy Fairbank, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Oxford University Hospital, who has a special interest in spinal disorders, poses the question: To scan or not to scan? He says the problem with MRI scans is that it is possible to find something wrong with everyone.

Organised on behalf of Backcare – the National Back Pain Association – the two-day show features some 40 exhibitors featuring therapies, products and services associated with the treatment of back pain as well as a range of conferences, presentations and seminars.

Admission to the show is free by registering at www.therbackpainshow.co.uk where further information on the two-day event can also be found.

Chronic Pain in Primary Care

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Pain UK

painuk-marrian-2016-12-14_apoThe Chronic Pain Policy Coalition (CPPC) in the UK gets good support from politicians, doctors, pharma and patients’ groups.  On 7th December, Marian Nicholson of Pain UK and PAE attended a meeting organised in the House of Commons Jubilee Room, to discuss “Chronic Pain in Primary Care”.

CPPC co-chair, Dr Martin Johnson, a GP, reported on a survey of 1,027 chronic pain patients and their interaction with GPs.  A few of the results from the survey, done by the TalkHealth website:

  • 43% had had their pain medication reviewed in the last 6 months, but 25% of patients had never had it reviewed at all.
  • 83% reported experiencing side effects form their pain medication
  • 51% do not feel that their GP understands how to treat chronic pain.

Another speaker told us how poor drugs are overall in treating chronic Pain.  Pete Moore of Pain Toolkit (http://www.paintoolkit.org/) agreed with her.  They both emphasised that patients should be introduced to pain management programmes immediately and not have it suggested as a last resort when no drug or other treatment has helped.

From Pain Concern, a patient support group, Heather Wallace explained how patients report how incredibly valuable these are.  She mentioned that doctors reported reluctance to suggest that patients access support groups because they did not know what information the patient might be given and that support groups were not necessarily permanent, as they rely on volunteer ‘staff’.  When networking later with Heather, Chris Hughes and Jean Gavin, all from Pain Concern, we asked ourselves when GPs would realise that they can no longer control the information that their patients see: no use preventing patients from accessing a patient support group when information on the web is easily accessible and not always accurate.

Activities of the Galician Rheumatological League

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Galician Rheumatological League

The Galician Rheumatological League has been very busy these last months. Apart from various articles in the press, interviews on the radio and with Health Authorities from our Autonomic Region and from the Spanish Country, we have the pleasure to share some of the most important activities.

: Our psychologist developed a 6 session course of Mindfulness for the control of pain in groups of 6 persons. The course is being taught, with lots of success, in several delegations of our League.

LIGAFLASH AND INFORMATION CAMPAIGN: during the 3rd trimester of 2016, our itinerant photograph exhibition and information campaign have been visiting more cities in our Autonomic Region.

galicia-league-bonesFOR YOUR BONES: We are working on a campaign with 2 aims. On one hand fundraising, and for people who are too ill or live far away from our offices and need the home visit of our psychologist and/or occupational therapist in order to help them  cope with their fragile health condition.  The other objective is raising awareness and make visible the rheumatological illnesses.

We do it by means of selling for 5 euros bone shaped chocolates in a nice wrapping (orders can be send at info@ligagalega.org )